Right in the middle of a cozy and maritime environment, the the Viking Ship Museum as next door neighbor, you will find Roskilde Danhostel - one of the most modern hostels in Denmark.


The hostel opened in the year 2000 and have 40 spacious room, all with own bath and toilet. Since January 1. 2022, Roskilde Danhostel has been run by Joy Mogensen and Jens Müller. Jens is the general managing of our hostel and has many years of experience within the tourism industry. Joy, how is the former mayor of Roskilde Municipality, and plays the part of 

With our unique location at Roskilde Habor, we are committed to play an active role creating an active and inspiring environment. Our aim is to be more than a place where you sleep, we want to be an active part of our community.

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